Cyber Security

CyberChain is a platform Decentralized security system in internet connection

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Why Would Someone Learn About CyberChain?

wifi hackers have various motivations. The best-case scenario is someone hacking your wifi to steal your bandwidth. The worst-case scenario is someone hacking your wifi to steal your identity or money. This is something you absolutely dont want to happen, and our wifi security tips will help you protect your wireless network against attackers.


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  • Concepting Development
  • Ideation, research, initial concepts


  • smart contract Launch
  • Selfdrop
  • website Launch
  • Release Whitepaper


  • distribution Airdrop
  • Meet Up Community
  • Launching CyberChain Platform


  • Release IOS and Android app
  • Release Windows app
  • Meet Up Community II

What We Do

How Does CyberChain (Cyber) Work?

If you think of the number of Cyber devices that are connected from one home, businesses, stores and just about any other establishment in the world , you can start to imagine how much private data is stored on hardware and cloud services all over the world. This means people and their phones are highly susceptible to cyber hackers and attacks. The data bases are easily penetrated by anyone who knows what they are doing and has bad intentions. Once compromised, the devices are susceptible to data theft. Some hackers can even get banking information, pin numbers for ATMs and other important pieces of information that can be used to ruin a persons life. So how is this problem getting solved? CyberChain is taking care of the job, they ve created a new security device that will help to prioritize the safety and security of a home. The devices are going to make the virtual worlds more private and safer for everyone to be on.

token info

Smart Contract


  • Token Name: CyberChain
  • Symbol: Cyber
  • Total Supply: 15,300,000,000
  • Decimal: 8
  • Contract address: 0x17e16D30a05324B44CF78Df847137Fa1220448f8


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Stephan Yuri CEO, CyberChain Platform
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James Torres Smart Contract
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Lian Huka Web Designer
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Tony Julian Community Manager

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